Wollstonecraft Suburb Review (Sydney, New South Wales)


About Wollstonecraft:

Wollstonecraft is a suburb by the harbour about 4 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD in New South Wales, Australia. It is part of the government area of the North Sydney Council. Former Prime Minister John Howard resided in Wollstonecraft for a period of time. It is a popular spot for property investment.


Property selling points:

It is a very quiet village like area where people can get away from the frantic CBD and other neighbouring suburbs. The median price is 2.2 million dollars so this give Wollstonecraft some exclusivity. It is a harbour side suburb with a bit of a serene lifestyle. The retail and amenities are found in neighbouring suburbs such as Crow’s Nest or even the CBD which is only a short train ride away.


Most sought after properties:

The most sought after properties are the free standing harbour side houses which couples and mature families are looking for because this suburb can be considered quite expensive and exclusive.


Most common properties:

The most common properties are further inland away from the water which include apartments and townhouses which are relatively cheaper compared to the houses near the water.


Top amenities:

As mentioned previously, Wollstonecraft does not have that much to offer in terms of amenities but some of the things it has to offer are restaurants, cafes and bars. There are many parks for kids to play in such as the famous Berry Island Reserve along with Smoothey and Brennan Park. You could take a 10 minute drive down to Luna Park if you are looking for something to do but if you are living in Wollstonecraft, you are more there for peaceful living.


Local industry and business:

Most people travel out of town for work. There is some retail trade in the area.


Public transport:

Surprisingly, there is a train station in Wollstonecraft where you can take 4 stops and you will be in the city so the train station in the area is very convenient for workers. Also bus routes come through as well as taxis.


Main arteries:

Shirley road takes you all the way out of the area and all the way down to Berry Island Reserve. Other main streets include Shirley Street and River Road which can take you into other suburbs such as Crow’s Nest or North Sydney.


Best streets for property investment:

A recommended street to live in is Tyron Avenue where it is a very short walk to Berry Island to enjoy the harbour side view and there is a local great café so you don’t have to go to neighbouring suburbs. Another recommended street is Belmont Avenue where the proximity to the city and Crow’s Nest is better than other parts of the suburb.


Wollstonecraft Buyers Agents:

Over the years the experiences Buyer’s Agents at Metropole have helped many property investors and home buyers purchase in this area. Why not click here and leave your details so we can be in contact and help you with your property search the best investment property for your portfolio in Wollstonecraft.