Summer Hill Suburb Review (Sydney, New South Wales)


About Summer Hill:

Summer Hill is a suburb in Sydney about 8km west of the CBD. It falls under the local government area of the Municipality of Ashfield. It was considered to be an upper class suburb in the 1920’s but as time went on, it went on to become a working class area. It is still a good spot for property investment.


Property selling points:

One selling point is its proximity to the CBD. It is about a 15 minute drive away which makes it easy to get there and back. It is very easy to venture into neighbouring suburbs such as Ashfield and Leichhardt through the Parramatta road. There is a town square where the main shopping is located which makes it easier for residents to shop. The median price for houses is 1.375 million and for units, 700 thousand dollars so it caters for most budgets whether it be a house or a unit.


Most sought after properties:

The most sought after properties would have to be the still standing mansions and big houses which Summer Hill has to offer. These houses have a lot of history and they are quite large so they will appear to the wealthy and those with big families.


Most common properties:

Since some of these mansions have been demolished, units have been built near the train station so these have become quite common. Apartments have become quite common along with the older federation houses.


Top amenities:

In Summer Hill, there are tennis courts, galleries, bars, cafes and restaurants are all available in summer hill. The main shopping precinct is in the town square which can be accessed very easily. The train station is in the middle of Summer Hill which can be easily used to get to the CBD or other suburbs such as Croydon.


Local industry and business:

The local industries and businesses in Summer Hill in the latest census in 2011 was led by Health Care and Social Assistance and Education and Training with them both having near 500 people employed.


Public transport:

The main use of public transport is the main rail station in the middle of the small suburb. Also bus routes come through Summer Hill as well as taxis.


Main arteries:

The main three roads in Summer Hill are Grosvenor and Carlton Crescent along with Smith Street which all run parallel to each other.


Best streets for property investment:

A great street for property investment would be Lindsay Avenue and Sunning Place as these are both quiet and seem isolated and they fit into the village feel Summer Hill has. They are both very close to the train station and town centre which is great for property investors.


Summer Hill Buyers Agents:

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General Info

Quick Suburb Overview:

Summer Hill is a residential suburb located west of Sydney CBD with surrounding suburbs being Lewisham, Haberfield and Ashfield. Summer Hill has a mix of Federation-era houses, with medium density apartment blocks near the railway station. The local council has defined a village character for the suburb. Summer Hill is a suburb rich in heritage with more than one hundred properties being heritage listed.

Distance from CBD:                        7 km West
Average Annual Growth:                8.58%
No. Years to double in value:        8.4 years
Total population:                             6586
Median Household Income:          $1570 (weekly)
Walk Score:                                       77 – Very Walkable