Stanmore Property Investment


About Stanmore:

Stanmore is a suburb located just 6km south west of the Sydney CBD. Its proximity to the city makes Stanmore a popular suburb for property investment. It falls under the local government area of the Marrickville council. It is known to be a very busy and noisy part of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.


Stanmore property selling points:

Like many other suburbs such as Leichhardt, Stanmore contains many different cultures within its community whether it be residents or tourists passing by. It has one of the biggest varieties of eateries in Sydney with restaurants and cafes in abundance.


Most sought after properties in Stanmore:

The most in demand property type has to be some of the houses from the 1800’s that are still standing in Stanmore. Also gothic style mansions are popular due to their rarity and large size.


Stanmore’s most common properties:

The most common properties include terrace houses, apartments and free standing houses.


Top amenities in Stanmore:

The strong multicultural influence creates a lot of different restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. Weekley and Crammond Park are present in Stanmore along with a few others. There are also four churches in the area. There are also many things to do in neighbouring suburbs such as Marrickville and Newtown.


Local industry and business:

In 2011, 450 people were employed in the area of Professional, Scientific and Technical Services which is the highest in the area.


Stanmore public transport:

The usual train line, bus services and taxis are evident within Stanmore which can be used very efficiently.


Stanmore main arteries:

Salisbury road and Douglas Street are the only two main roads in Stanmore but there are many other little avenues to explore.


Best streets for property investment in Stanmore:

If you are looking to get away from the main streets to enjoy some peace and quiet, Corunna Road is an avenue which you can explore. It is also very close to buses which can take you into the city and neighbouring suburbs. Cavendish Street is also known for being reasonably quiet. It is also near the train line and an IGA supermarket so you don’t have to drive to grab your weekly groceries. There are many other great streets for property investment in this area.


Stanmore Buyers Agents:

Metropole’s buyers agents office in Sydney is located just a 25 minute drive away from Stanmore so if you are looking to invest in property in Stanmore, look no further than Metropole buyers agents.

About Michael Yardney:

Michael Yardney is one of the biggest names in property investment in Australia. He has written for just about every property magazine, newspaper and website in the country. He is also the owner of Metropole’s buyers agents in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.