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Metropole Vendor’s Advocacy Service is a special no extra cost service to property sellers shielding you from many of the “hassles” of your sale.

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When selling your property you want to achieve the best price with the least hassle. Yet our experience as Australia's leading property buyers agency shows many vendors don't achieve an optimum sale price due to poor advice or pressure from their selling agent. Now you can have an independent agent from Metropole on your side when you sell your property. To achieve the highest selling price for your property, you need help finding the right agent to sell your property, as well impartial and strategic advice on the correct timing, the most appropriate method of sale, the most cost effective advertising campaign and the negotiation process.

Our 6 Step Process To Get You The Best Price.

We will:  
  1. Sit down with you and determine your needs.
  2. Recommend the best agent (not agency) for you. We know the best agents and the worst agents as we have been buying from them on behalf of our clients for many years.
  3. Check the agent's fees and advertising recommendations to save you unnecessary expenses. Should you sell by auction or private sale? How much should you spend on advertising without wasting your money? We'll tell you!
  4. Monitor the selling agent's performance.
  5. Consider any offers made and give our recommendations to you. Then we'll help negotiate on your behalf, giving you our input all the way.
  6. Follow the sale through until settlement.

We charge the Selling Agent a percentage fee based on the sale price of your property which comes out of their commission when the sale is made. This means that you get our service at no extra charge, but that it is in all our interests that you get the best possible price.

If you want someone you can trust to relieve you of the process of dealing with the Selling Agents give Metropole a call now on1300 20 30 30.

We are independent and work for you - we tell you the truth. Isn’t that what you want?

It’s the most stress-free way for you to appoint a real estate agent!

How will Metropole’s Vendor Advocacy Service help you?


We will provide you with a range of options for selling your home – auction, private sale, expression of interest and make sure you have all the information you need to decide on the most suitable method for you.


We provide research on sales statistics and trends, as well as details of recent property sales and comparative information about properties in your local area, giving you a realistic market appraisal so you can make accurate, informed decisions.

Why-Use-Metropole-to-manage-your-investment-property Selecting the right selling agent and method of sale will determine the level of success you achieve.

We approach a number of local estate agents, selecting the best agent, so you can achieve the best selling price.

It’s critical that you select the right agent, within the right agency, to sell your property. Real estate agents have different areas of specialty, different personalities, different types of marketing and different negotiation skills. We will help you identify and select the best local real estate agent to manage the sale of your property.

We interview the agents, rate their reports and discuss the potential candidates with you. Once you have made a decision we will appoint the chosen agent to market your property and manage their performance on your behalf.


We then work with your selected agent to create an integrated marketing plan – covering both offline and online advertising – to achieve the best possible price for your property.

We will report back to you throughout the sale campaign and once you start receiving offers we’ll be there to help you evaluate them and set terms and conditions.


If you are selling at auction we will be at your side throughout the entire process, including helping you to set the reserve. In summary we will:

  • Help you assess the market value of your property
  • Match your property with the most appropriate real estate agent, so you achieve the best price
  • Explain real estate agents’ commissions and negotiate these on your behalf with your selected agent
  • Work with the agent to develop the most effective marketing campaign
  • Ensure your selected agent communicates via a pre-determined reporting system – ensuring timely, quality information
  • Disseminate market feedback – helping you set your reserve price and fine tune the final strategy
  • Help you to assess offers and negotiate terms and conditions
  • Manage every step of your sale

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  • Tips for making your property more appealing to a wide range of buyers
  • The home seller’s secret weapon – having an agent on your side



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What some of our clients have to say:
  • We engaged Metropole to manage the sale of our property. They explained how they would produce a better result than if we engaged a real estate agent ourselves and how they would manage all the aspects of selling our property. They engaged an agency to sell our property and advised us on the advertising campaign and the timing of the auction; at considerably less cost to us than if we were dealing direct with the agent. Our property was sold at auction and we achieved an amazing result, $96,000.00 above our reserve price! And 3 weeks after our unit was sold the unit directly above ours sold by private sale to the losing bidder at our auction for $26,000.00 less than our unit sold for!
    Sandie and Romair Vanderriet
  • Thank you very much for your assistance acting as Vendor’s Advocate for our investment property. What a result! It must be a new record for that area. Your assistance with the selection of the agent was spot on – and saved us money, and your managing the agent toward a different advertising schedule was spot on. We had exactly the right type of buyers there on the day. I would like to commend you on making the whole process stress free. I would not hesitate to use your services again. Thank you again!
    Alex Belcher