Marrickville Suburb Review (Sydney, New South Wales)


About Marrickville:

Marrickville is a suburb in the inner west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is 4 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district and is quite a large suburb. It falls under the local government area of the Marrickville Council.


Property selling points:

It is a very large suburb compared to the likes of a Paddington or a Croydon. It is a very busy suburb with festivals, music, shopping and plays in theatres happening all the time. This town is for people who like to do things all the time. This suburb has been branded as “diverse” with people from all around the world living and visiting.


Most sought after properties:

There is quite a variety of property in Marrickville but the most in demand are the free standing terrace houses for people who are looking for more than an apartment or to raise a family in Marrickville.


Most common properties:

The most common properties in Marrickville include 20th century federation style houses and free standing 19th century terrace houses. Also many old buildings have been turned into apartments lately and have become more common.


Top amenities:

The people of Marrickville are spoilt for choice when it comes to amenities. In terms of sport, there are many semi-professional teams playing in the area at Marrickville oval. There is a golf course available along with many parks and also an aquatic centre to have a swim. When it comes to shopping you can either visit the Marrickville farmers market or you can go to the Metro shopping centre to fulfil your needs and wants. There is also the Marrickville festival which supports multiculturalism throughout the suburb. Lastly there is the Enmore theatre to go and watch fantastic productions.


Local industry and business:

The local industry is dominated by retail trade due to the number of shops and markets throughout the suburb.


Public transport:

The public transport in Marrickville is described as excellent. There is a train station near the centre of the suburb, buses are available all the time and taxis are a good option as well.


Main arteries:

Since Marrickville is quite a large suburb there is a few main roads to consider. Illawara road takes you down two thirds of the length of Marrickville and stretches down to the golf course. Syndenham road and Marrickville road run parallel to each other and run the whole width of the suburb. Lastly Victoria road and Enmore road which are on the same road lead to the main shopping centre and the theatre.


Best streets for property investment:

Calvert and Francis Street would be great for property investment due to location as they are close to the centre of the suburb which means they can access the train station, golf course, shopping centre and restaurants by walking 10 minutes either way so these streets would be great to invest in.


Marrickville Buyers Agents:

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General Info

Quick Suburb Overview

Marrickville is a gentrified suburb in the Inner West of Sydney and located south-west of the Sydney CBD. It is the largest suburb in the inner-west and sits on the northern bank of the Cooks River. It is a diverse suburb consisting of both low and medium density residential, commercial and light industrial areas. Many Marrickville homes are detached or terraced Victorian houses built in the late 19th century while many others were built in the Federation style in the early 20th century.

Distance from CBD:                       7 km South-West
Average Annual Growth:              9.11%
No. Years to double in value:       7.9 years
Total population:                            24,612
Median Household Income:         $2324(weekly)
Walk Score:                                      80 – Very Walkable


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