Croydon Suburb Review (Sydney, New South Wales)


About Croydon:

Croydon is a suburb in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia located 11 kilometres west of the CBD. It is in between two local government areas being the Burwood Council and the Municipality of Ashfield. It is considered to be quite a small suburb and is popular for property investment.


Property selling points:

Quite a small suburb with lone standing houses for people looking for exclusivity and quiet. They are relatively cheap houses with a median price of approximately 800,000 dollars. But there are also bigger blocks on offer. There are many shops and restaurants. There are many schools, sporting teams and parks in the area.


Most sought after properties:

The most sought after properties would have to be the larger blocks as they would provide more space for a family to take and would be great for property investors as these houses are the top tier houses in Croydon.


Most common properties:

60 percent of properties in 2011 were separate houses so it seems that these lone houses are very common in Croydon. Also federation and California Bungalow styles are reasonably common as well.


Top amenities:

There are many local clubs such as the trivia night club and book club and also many theatres such as the Russian ballet theatre in Croydon. There are also many restaurants, cafes and shops throughout the area waiting to be explored. Croydon Park is a neighbouring suburb which is worth visiting for a day trip.


Local industry and business:

Since Croydon is quite a small suburb, the industries and businesses in the area are spread through retail trade, financial and insurance advisors and many more.


Public transport:

Many types of public transport are available with the main one being trains. Also buses and taxis are available to take you through neighbouring suburbs such as Burwood.


Main arteries:

The three main arteries in Croydon are Paisley road which also ventures into Burwood and Ashfield. Croydon Road and Queen Street are the other main roads in Croydon.


Best streets for property investment:

The one street in Croydon perfect for property investors is Devonshire Street. It is close to the neighbouring suburb Burwood which means more variety. The blocks are a substantial size and the street is described as very quiet. Any streets down south of the suburb would be great to invest in.


Croydon Buyers Agents:

Over the years the experiences Buyer’s Agents at Metropole have helped many property investors and home buyers purchase in this area. Why not click here and leave your details so we can be in contact and help you with your property search the best investment property for your portfolio in Croydon.