Campsie Suburb Review (Sydney, New South Wales)


About Campsie:

Campsie is a suburb in the south east of Sydney and is 13km south west of the Sydney CBD in New South Wales, Australia which is about a 20 minute drive. It falls under the local government area of the City of Canterbury. Campsie is a popular suburb for property investment.


Property selling points:

It is a multicultural area giving off a different vibe to different suburbs. There is easy access to public transport. There is a suburb centre called Campsie centre where people can shop for all different types of things. It would be great for families with parents who work in the city as it is very easy to get to the city.


Most sought after properties:

In Campsie there is a variety of housing catering for a wide market but the most in demand type of property would have to be the apartments, as they are relatively cheap and most blocks here are small. The bigger properties are worth a premium due to scarcity.


Most common properties:

The most common property is small apartments which is closely followed by larger brick houses. These standalone properties are where the investors usually head as they are quite exclusive in this area.


Top amenities:

Since this suburb is very multicultural it has a wide variety of restaurants such as Greek, Italian, Asian Fusion, Japanese, Chinese and much more. Campsie centre is the main shopping central in Campsie and is very popular on a day to day basis. There are many clubs and group’s people can join who are in the community.


Local industry and business:

The local industry is dominated by retail trade and Accommodation and Food Services both having 1000+ people employed in these areas. This is due to the sheer amount of shops in the city centre in Campsie.


Public transport:

The obvious public transport in Campsie is the train which is in the city centre which can easily be used to take a 20 minute trip to work in the city. Another option would be taxi and bus which can take you to neighbouring suburbs such as Croydon and Ashbury.


Main arteries:

Bexley road, Beamish Street and Brighton Street all connect to take you from one side of Campsie to the other and going throughout the city centre as well. Canterbury Road is a major road in Sydney and this ventures through many other suburbs.


Campsie Buyers Agents:

Over the years the experiences Buyer’s Agents at Metropole have helped many property investors and home buyers purchase in this area. Why not click here and leave your details so we can be in contact and help you with your property search the best investment property for your portfolio in Campsie.