After threatening over the past month, Sydney finally breached the 80% clearance rate benchmark at the weekend which if sustained – as is likely – will certainly act to yet again bring out the “boom” word. Sydney recorded its highest rate for over 2 years at 80.4% – up on the previous weekends 79.6% and


The topic of housing for millennials and baby boomers is constantly being covered in the news and in general media. Millennials are at an age where settling down and finding a home sounds ideal for many. However, with the current state of the market, it’s looking like affording a property is becoming increasingly difficult. The


Sydney’s pre-spring weekend auction market continues to generate strong buyer competition but seller numbers remain disturbingly low for this time of the year Sydney recorded another 2-year high clearance rate on Saturday at 79.6% – higher than the previous weekends 79.2% and well ahead of the same weekend last year’s 54.2% Although auction numbers increased


Sydney’ weekend auction market recorded yet another strong clearance rate with results continuing to track over 70.0%. Auction numbers however remain thin on the ground, with listings falling away after last weekend’s post-holiday surge and totals remaining well behind last year’s same weekend. Sydney’s weekend rate of 73.5% was down on the previous weekends 75.9%