Looking to rent an apartment in Sydney? Well for the first time on record it now costs as much to rent an apartment in Sydney as it does a house. Rents that have grown three times faster than wages in Sydney. A 4.8 per cent increase over the year to June pushed the median weekly


Infrastructure – it’s not a very sexy word, is it? But the things is, building things to make our lives, and our economies, better will be even more vital in the years ahead. That’s because our population is growing so fast that our cities are becoming increasingly congested – and no one likes being stuck


CoreLogic’s July data indicates a controlled slowdown in the Sydney housing market. It will moderate further over the remainder of 2017 due to less investment activity and higher mortgage rates. As the market develops so quickly, it is recommended to stay up to date with all the latest housing market research. You can also check out


The latest stats seem to show that Sydney’s market is finally slowing – the question is how long will it last and what does it mean for investors? Results from CoreLogic’s June Home Value Index indicate that Sydney’s dwelling price has stayed the same over the past three months and actually fell 1.3 per cent over