Sydney’s property market appears to be hitting its peak this September, with dwelling values rising by only 0.3% in the last three months. The high concentration of investors in Sydney relative to other capital cities means that tighter credit policies and higher mortgage rates for investors are dampening the Sydney marketplace more than others. You can


The Sydney housing market saw its dwelling values rise in July. Overall growth and residential property values remain healthy but in a combined capital city level it’s not quite as strong as what it was a year ago. It’s anticipated the market will continue to see values rise it’s expected that the rate of growth will continue


Citi Bank has black listed a range of Sydney suburbs where they have tightened their lending criteria for apartment buyers. Recently Citi advised brokers of 34 suburbs in New South Wales where borrowers would face tougher hurdles to get a mortgage and have to jump through additional deposit hoops and face more stringent practices around cash out


Looking to rent an apartment in Sydney? Well for the first time on record it now costs as much to rent an apartment in Sydney as it does a house. Rents that have grown three times faster than wages in Sydney. A 4.8 per cent increase over the year to June pushed the median weekly