The Sydney housing market is now recording its weakest conditions since 1990 — that was the last time the annual decline in dweliing values was at least 7.4%. Core Logic has released their newest housing market update for November 2018. You can also check out the local reports for Brisbane and Melbourne. Sydney`s unit market has been more resilient


While development is undoubtedly taking place in Sydney, you interestingly won’t find much of it in the actual CBD. In our top ten list (seen below) there is only one inner-city suburb included. The majority of dwellings scheduled for the development pipeline can be located in outer suburbs, some quite a significant distance from the city. It’s


Alarm bells are ringing for those who bought an off the plan apartment a few years ago. Investment bank UBS warned that three in 10 new apartments sold off the plan in Sydney are now settling with a lower valuation than the original contract sale price. And it’s much the same in Melbourne. This comes


Are property auctions a thing of the past? With auction clearance rates around Australia at a low point, I know some commentators are suggesting it’s not worth taking your property to auction any more I don’t agree. On the weekend we purchased a great villa unit at auction for a client – a true investment grade property which was