CoreLogic’s May housing market review this month reveals that while borrowing to buy property is becoming more difficult than ever, the property in Australia’s highest growth city is finally starting to slow down. On top of interest rates rising and the rates of capital gain slowing, APRA are tightening up their policies on interest-only lending, which


Guess which postcode contributed more than $1.1bn in government revenue in one year alone? I’m sure you guessed it was a Sydney suburb. Well…it was Mosman where residents paid a staggering $400 million more tax than the next-highest postcode. Analysis by The Weekend Australian of 2014-15 Australian Taxation Office data, produced the following interactive graph wher you


We know that the Sydney property market has experienced the mother of all property booms over the last few years. Well… new data from Domain reveals a that there are now 78 Sydney suburbs with a median house price of $2 million or more. As a good example of how the property boom has affected


If you’re like thousands of other Australians, you’ve thought plenty about buying an investment property in Sydney. But like many of those, you may still be procrastinating. If you’re not sure where to start, or you feel uncertain about your capability, there are some basic steps you can take now so you’re ready for your