The open for inspection is a crucial time for homebuyers. It’s that half an hour or so when they can chat to the real estate agent, turn on the taps to check for water pressure, open and close doors, and mentally move the furniture in to see if it fits. In my experience, it helps


I hear it time and time again. A generation locked out of the housing market, a property bubble so inflated it is about to burst. Cue the doomsday music and fretting over escalating home values. Don’t get me wrong, saving for a deposit is a difficult exercise, and it is true that Australian property values

Tax Depreciation Schedules 101

Friday, 14 October 2016 by

Every property investor wants to pay less tax and increase their income streams, but up to 80% of investors fail to take advantage of one of the big tools available to help them do just that: property depreciation.  A professional tax depreciation schedule can be the difference between a negatively geared property and positive cash


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this certainly holds true in the world of real estate. Not all of us will love the same style of property.   Some may prefer modern architecture and a contemporary lay-out and finish, while others may only be interested in buying period properties offering lots of charm